The Ultimate Guide to Finding The Best Ripped Jeans in 2020

It’s hard to go wrong with denim. After all, it is a blanket solution to most of our fashion problems. But to have a good pair is hard to come by. Finding the perfect pair of jeans with a flattering fit and a wallet-friendly price tag? A huge win for our wardrobes. 

Why ripped jeans will never go out of style

Ripped jeans are a wonderful fashion accident that became a style staple over the years. People wear it to channel punk and grunge superstars, rappers, and just about any celebrity photographed by sneaky paparazzies donning a pair on the streets. It will never go out of style because it will always look cool whatever you do to it: you can bleach it, tear it to shreds, cut it to the point beyond recognition, and it will still be something you can wear to the groceries, club, or an underground ska event.

There are different styles of ripped jeans. Some have small to gaping holes, cute tears to full-on shreds with threads dangling on the sides, and cuts with artful patches. You can style a pair of ripped jeans however you want. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t screw it up. In fact, a lot of pre-ripped jeans on the market are not perfect and just does not look cool at all.

Top 9 Best ripped jeans 2020

That is what we are set out to doing today: looking for the best, coolest, and most stylistic ripped jeans in all flavors. There aren’t just one style of ripped jeans – a number of designs based on comfort, fit, design, and wash are out there to suit the occasion and your mood. 

Ready to see what checks off your jean criterion? Whether you’re looking for a pair to thrift out or splurge on, with major distressing to discreet tears, here are the best ripped jeans in 2020 that will fit like a dream in any season.

Ripped And Repaired Jeans

There’s a type of shabby, artsy flair that ripped and repaired jeans provide. Tears and holes are made in strategic places where, when patched with fabric of the same or contrasting color, would really catch the eye of onlookers. Another way of ‘repairing’ ripped jeans would be to use backing fabric so the tears look sewn and split. 

Rolled Up Ripped Jeans:

If you happen to own or get handed down with a pair that is a little bit too tall for your size, you just have to roll it up to ankle length or a bit higher to show off some skin in that area. You can pair it up with boots or high-cut sneakers to get that hawkish look.

High Waist Distressed Bleached Ripped Jeans:

Light-wash,  bleached ripped mom jeans are great for laid-back, casual occasions like office wash days or dinner dates and night-outs with the ladies. It’s a retro look that you can recycle and rehash at any period in time.

Slim Fit / Skinny Ripped Jeans:

Slim fit jeans are great both for men and women. The body-hugging design with shreds from thighs to below knees gives off a fresher, more youthful look that gives onlookers the impression about the wearer being ready to go just about anywhere.

Check out this sleeky, chic  casual pair of stretch denim skinny ripped jeans from Daily Best Buys that is perfect for summer, spring, and autumn.

Straight Legged Ripped Jeans:

Straight-legged jeans lean more on the comfy side. You can pair it with tighter footwear or top to get that nice contrast. You can spruce it up with color patches from the inside of the jeans to achieve that designer look.

Colored Ripped Skinny Jeans:

This type of ripped jeans is common among those in the younger age bracket. Colorful clothing indicates high volume of energy, and kids get a pass more for experimenting with clothes and colors. Of course adults can wear this too, but the choice of what top or footwear to pair it with is quite limited.

Baggy Ripped Jeans:

Baggy jeans are reminiscent of late 90s fashion that are now a mainstay in modern Korean and Japanese fashion. It is very comfortable to wear and makes for an easy canvas for DIY style.

Destroyed Jeans

Destroyed jeans are of gaping knee holes than simple tears and cuts. It is the classic rock star look that screams “I don’t care!” to anyone looking. It bears signs of hardcore distressing that is perfect for a full casual look with an edgy, grungy feel, especially when paired with pair of black sneakers. 

Shredded Jeans

Shredded jeans are often over-the-top. They are embellished with splatters of paints and big embroideries and shredded almost to oblivion. They are cool, but they don’t age as gracefully as the other types of ripped jeans. They’re often expensive too.

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