The Best Anti-Aging Creams to Use in Your 30s

Aging might be something we’re not that worried about in our 20s, but wrinkling and age spots are bound to come around. As we go on our daily grind, our body is going to bear the stress and wear we expose it to over the years, and it will show the most on our skin. 

So it is best to lay the groundwork before we start seeing lines that shouldn’t be there in a few more years. Investing in anti-aging skincare is something we should do to look healthy and prevent an onslaught of clogged pores and pimples that could well cascade into direr skin problems if not taken care of immediately.

Why is 30’s the best age to start using anti-aging cream?

As life seems to accelerate when we reach our 30s (pregnancy, irregular periods, work promotions, marriage), things within our body begin to slow down. Our hormone levels start to decrease. As a result, our skin gets a little less taut because it produces less collagen, and signs of sun damage (especially if you haven’t been vigilant with your SPF fix in your 20s) become more prominent. Our face loses volume due to gradual reduction of supportive tissue, giving it a saggy look.

Yes, our skin is still at its prime at that age, but it is a transitory period in our lives. Of course, it is also a matter of lifestyle choices. Quitting cigarettes, alcohol, overworking, and excessive caffeine and salt can really contribute to having a healthier, more radiant skin.

There are treatments and products that can help us restore our complexion to its youthful glow, and they are there as a complementary measure to our healthy lifestyle choices. They target specific signs of aging like hyperpigmentation, fine lines, spots, and sagging skin. 

The best skin care routine for 30s

When you reach past the calendar age, it is time you fine-tune your skin care routine. Focus more on moisturizing products and sun protection.

This skin care routine will help you preserve your skin complexion:

  • Cleanse lightly

When you’ve finished removing your makeup, you can do light cleansing by using a cotton pad and micellar water. Our skin renews and eliminates toxins and debris as we sleep, so there isn’t a lot of cleansing needed.

  • Use day creams and night creams religiously

You can maximize the effect of creams if you use it both night and day. Day creams are for round-the-clock skin-care work which works best with sunscreens. Night creams are something rich to sleep in to help your skin heal and restore itself. Best to pair your night creams with moisturizers.

  • Keep toning

Toners keep our pores tight and they also rebalance and purify the skin. Don’t discard toners in your routine, and make sure to look for ones that help restore your pH levels.

  • Use products with retinol

Retinol is one of the more potent ingredients, and at least 1% of it in your product’s ingredient list can help to keep your glow and reduce the appearance of enlarged pores and pigmentation.

Retinol can be found in many skin care products like moisturizers, sheet masks, plum peels, and anti-aging creams.

  • Don’t forget your neck

Your neck is the next most noticeable thing after your face. It is also one of the first areas in your body to show signs of aging. Give as much attention to your neck by investing in neck creams and serums.

  • Eye creams are important

Our eyes are the first area in our face to bear the signs of aging, and it is the most sensitive one too. So don’t skip eye creams for day and night use. The day version blends perfectly with your makeup, and the night version is the one that will nourish the skin under the eye.

  • Get a serum

Serums are a key part of any skin care routine since it basically delivers all that you need in the most concentrated method. It is the one thing in your routine that you should not hesitate to invest in, so you might want to use masks with higher concentrations of serums for example.

Best anti-aging cream for 30s

We have compiled a list of the best anti-aging creams perfect to use in your 30s. They will help you reduce and prevent fine lines, wrinkles, textured skin, and dark spots.

Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream

This excellent over-the-counter product is filled with retinols, amino acids, and B vitamins that will hydrate your skin, improve the skin barrier production, and stimulate collagen production to keep your skin tight. 

Dr. Barbara Sturm’s Anti-aging Body Cream

This product is on the pricier side, but as mentioned earlier, face isn’t the only thing you should be worrying about. It has nourishing ingredients like vitamins C and B-5, lactic acid, and olive oil that will smooth out the lines on your neck and body.

BareMinerals Ageless Genius Firming and Wrinkle Smoothing Eye Cream

Eyes should be given special attention because it is the first area on your face to betray your age and the level of stress you’re under when not taken care of. This eye cream from BareMinerals has mineral gold, chamomile extract, shea butter, and anti-aging peptides to help combat those pesky lines and target dark circles and puffiness.

Kiehl's Wrinkle Reducing Cream SPF 30

Sunscreens are integral in keeping your skin young and protected from sun damage that expedites the wrinkling of the skin. So having a product that have anti-aging properties like copper and calcium and SPF 30 to shield your skin from the sun is a total win.

Philosophy Anti-Wrinkle Miracle Worker 

Night creams augment your skin’s natural process of renewal and toxin removal. This anti-wrinkle cream from Philosophy is packed with hyaluronic acid that you can leave overnight to leave your skin firmer, healthier-looking, and wrinkle-free.

Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Ferulic + Retinol Anti-Aging Moisturizer

This moisturizing product is packed with many essential ingredients that regulates cells, exfoliates your skin, and gives you antioxidants. It is packed with retinol, glycolic and lactic acid, and ferulic acid to address key skin issues like hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, and textured skin and give you a better skin complexion with no free radicals. 

Laikou 24K Anti-aging Gold Face Whitening Moisturizer Snail Serum

This very affordable 24K anti-aging cream from Daily Best Buy’s Health and Beauty Shop is very effective in shrinking rough pores and improving your skin complexion by reducing dullness and repairing dryness and looseness.  It can deeply moisturize and rejuvenate your skin to make you look younger for a longer time. Suitable for all skin types.

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