10 Must have daily kitchen tools

Being a busy bee in the kitchen would require a set of handy tools. Whether you’re stocking a new pantry or minimizing your kitchen clutter, having the most essential cooking tools in your cupboard are all you need to start make cooking time a breeze.

Investing in these kitchen tools will make cooking enjoyable and your life so much easier. The kitchen world is always rife with new inventions and gadgets, but with these 10 suggested must-have kitchen tools, you won’t need a lot to turn up delicious meals all the time. 

#1 Chef’s Knife

A chef’s knife is one of the most versatile knives one can use. It changes the way you cook in that it lets you chop, slice, mince, and more without switching tools, making food preparation more precise and quick. A chef’s knife is one you’ll probably use most often especially if you’re a beginner cook. Invest in a good one and take good care of it.

#2 Mixing Bowls

You can keep your workspace clean, mix your ingredients and organize them accordingly, store food and more with a proper set of mixing bowls. They are a huge help in getting recipes come together quickly, and they fit inside one another which helps you save space in your kitchen. Mixing bowls are inexpensive, versatile, and highly durable.

#3 Non-stick Pancake and Egg Maker Tool

If you’re someone who doesn’t have a lot of time in the morning, grab-and-go breakfast items like sandwiches and pancakes really become a life-saver. This is why a silicone non-stick pancake and egg maker tool is a must-have in the kitchen: you get too cook eggs, omelettes, hash browns, pancakes, and more at the least amount of time without having to dirty up a bunch of dishes .

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#4 Knife Sharpener

Knives rule the kitchen and without them, virtually nothing can be done. That is why it is important to keep them sharp and increase their longevity – and you will need a knife sharpener to get this done. A knife sharpener corrects the edge and puts the blade in the proper position without shaving much of the material. Sharpen your knives every week or two if you’re using them daily.

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#5 Cutting board

A good knife needs a handy cutting board - the workhorse of every kitchen. The knife is the kitchen’s hero that makes cooking possible, and the cutting board its trusty partner. It keeps a knife from going dull too soon, and it makes cutting and chopping convenient and sanitary. 

#6 Cast-Iron Skillet

A classic stovetop tool, cast-iron skillets – especially the non-stick varieties – can cook almost anything evenly and give a beautiful sear to any dish with the least pan lubrication needed. A skillet with its rustic good looks and thick, heavy bottoms and sides which conduct heat really well can go right from stove or oven to tabletop. The best part: they are indestructible and last forever.

#7 Silicone Spatula Baking Tool

A silicone spatula is excellent at scraping out or pouring sticky, viscous ingredients from containers and spreading condiments in one fell swoop. It is also resistant to heat and doesn’t melt like rubber. A good set of silicone spatulas in a t least three sizes will save you time and money in the kitchen.

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#8 Silicone Ice Cube Mold

Cracking open cold ones feel incomplete without ice. And it would be neat to have your ice bucket double as an ice cube mold that doesn’t absorb smells and chemicals in your fridge. Just squeeze the bucket to release the ice and put your beer or wine bottle inside. This makes for a durable addition to your everyday and party supplies and bar accessories.

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#9 Colander

Colanders drain water like a pro. These slotted bowls help you avoid burning yourself on hot steam and clean produce under a stream effectively. You can also put fruits in them and place them on a tabletop to add an aesthetic value to your kitchen.

#10 Measuring Spoons & Cups

Avid bakers know how important measuring spoons and cups are. Even if you like to “eyeball” ingredients, it would be much more convenient to have precise measurements of solid and liquid ingredients. With these tools, you can scoop spices and dried herbs and make sauces and vinaigrettes all while minimizing tipping and spilling.

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