9 Best Selling Products on Amazon

As we know, E-Commerce industry drastically changes the traditional phase of buyer-to-consumer setting. Customers have already been exposed to new norms of shopping through online selling platforms – including Amazon. 

Millions of sellers world over, shifts to the Amazon pedestal in aim to successfully generate income stream and heighten selling privileges, however, getting towards profit returns may not be as easy as it sounds. 

Business owners, needs to take the effort in searching the best selling items on Amazon – all to result sales. What’s vital on Amazon selling is the “product”, itself. Why? It carries not just the business name you established, but most importantly the core of your deals. 

So, what are the Best Products to sell on Amazon, exactly? To answer that in specific, let’s dive right in per category! 

Toys & Games

This category has proven to drive high sales on Amazon, even up to this date. Kids, are considered the most expensive consumers, and it sure does make sense why most sellers on Amazon list items that are related to this category. However, it is essential to keep updated on latest’s, as its one dynamic selection that has broad potential. From cricket bats, golf balls, chess, ludo, gaming kits, video games, colorful toys, card games, playsets, jigsaw puzzles, brain games, learning games, and other memory games ensures high Return of Investment (ROI). Also, outdoor adventures like popping round Inflatable swimming pool in backyard surely sells well for kids and adults. 

Electronics and Gadgets

In today’s era, technology makes the world go round. That explains why buying habit of customers is growing multifold through the years, and selling electronic accessories, smart devices, and gadgets, portable speakers, back cases, headphones, memory cards, power banks, chargers, cables and cords etc.  might be your best break on Amazon selling business. Every year, google searches are flooded with smart devices, perhaps it all boils down to how the norm of gadget-update feed on media etc. Technology will always be a top selling niche after we step on this millennium, and the ideal way to pull through your sales – source directly from the manufacturers. 

Beauty And Personal Care

People are just too obsessed with beauty. And while Beauty business is one huge force in the retail market – offline or online – both men and women are more enticed to buy and use natural products as added necessities to their skincare regime rituals. Since Amazon is one most trusted platform, most consumers opt to buy online for convenience – which makes this category a  high-revenue option for selling. 

Beauty products that have natural ingredients

Branded makeup products

Beauty tools and essentials

Video Games

According to statista.com, video games popularity will grow into huge billion-dollar industry this year (2020), and that’s undeniably true. A lot has been highly-entertained with Sony PlayStation, Microsoft XBOX, Gaming gift cards, Nintendo, even Wireless controllers and game adapters, Gaming accessories, Game charge kits and docks etc. and these brought high income generating stream to Amazon Sellers. The revenue depends on hardware (screens, controllers, processors, and accessories) or software (games, operating systems, steam cheats), and it’ll continue upgrading year after year. 

Camera & Photo Accessories

Instant films, instant click cameras, camera accessory kits, GoPro,  or home and office security cameras are highly increasing popularity on Amazon. With the demand surge of photo editors, and applications, digital camera immense in the retail influence market, so start selling cameras that feature interchangeable lens or accessories of fad trends. 


From Cookbooks, diet books, and recipe books, children’s books or fictional, thrill and suspense to biographies and comics, nothing gets old with Books. Hardcover books can never get outdated, and while physical book classics and digitized copies are selling greatly, start making money by selling books on amazon.

Home Decor

No one can get wrong with Home decorations. Everyone has their own artist in nature, makes sense why Home Decor items such as gold metal candle holder decor, artsy in craft wine holder, Scandinavian feels item etc., are buying much attention from Amazon shoppers. Be wise on putting your best home decor lists, and you’ll mint profit. 

Pet Supplies 

Durable absorbent dog mat floor non-slip protection, and flower print warm soft cat pad are just two items that’s prominent on Amazon. There are also pet grooming glove, cat comfy couch etc. that takes throne of the customers furbaby. 

Clothes, Shoes, and Jewelry

Id you’re familiar with the Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, it shows that humans can’t live without food, shelter and clothing. If you’re starting on Amazon Business, consider selling exclusive apparels, trendy to stylish shoes, or even rhinestone jewelry pieces. These items will surely have a huge room of income for you. 

How to choose your Best Products

With the huge amount data of Amazon product categories, you need to research, brainstorm, and weigh things to consider before proceeds to sell. From ship weight, quality, competition with popular categories, there are numerous factors to consider, specifically as follows:

    Choose products that have superb quality yet inexpensive. 

      Aside from Amazon’s seller fee, freight charges, and wholesale price, keep in mind these specifics to ensure profit drive:

      • Products that are in sale price range from $15 to $50 (but do not exceed $70)
      • Cost has to be 30 – 35% of the targeted sale price
      • Pick unbreakable items, one that won’t give you problem on the shipment. 
      • Lightweight and easy to ship products 
      • Best quality in reasonable price than competitors. 
      • Seasonal or holiday specific products. 

        Pick products that are in-demand

          Generating sales and profits doesn’t just boil down in inexpensive shipping, acquire good amounts by selling products that are easily searched by shoppers and are in-demand. 

          • Avoid products that are sold by most Amazon sellers or big brands. 
          • Look for products whose keywords have 100,000+ monthly searches. 
          Pay attention to the “Customer Also Bought” Section

          Amazon displays a section called – Customers who bought this also bought – which showcases a few items that reflect products that a buyer currently considers. 

          In a nutshell, 

          Selling on Amazon won’t be as easy as counting 1,2,3 then boom! (Profit). There are several factors you need to focus on, most importantly, your Products to sell. It is vital to have yourself equipped and ready before start to sit on the Amazon platform. With focus, plenty advices followed, and determination, you’ll surely grasp your goal. 

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