Top 15 Everyday Fashion Styles For Men

There are as many fashion styles as there are kinds of personalities, and your style largely depends on the mood, occasion, or the self that you want to present to the outside world. 

You may not judge the book by its cover, but you can certainly tell a person’s range of tastes and preferences through their clothing. When dressing yourself up, you must learn the art of balancing making good first impressions and not being flashy.

Men’s fashion styles list

Fashion is for everyone, and men are just as sensitive about their style as women. While it is true tuxedos cut corners to looking dapper, there are actually several other fashion styles that can make a man look debonair.

For everyday wear, here are the top 15 fashion styles for all kinds of men.


The jet-setter style prioritizes fashion, function, and comfort above all. A jet-setter looks sharp and treats the street as the modern-day runway. He is prepared to be seen in his best element, and each time he makes sure he is armed with the best clothing that suits the occasion’s needs.


This style gets you ready on the go and gives people the impression that you lead an active, full life. It is a marriage of fashion and athletics and includes running shoes, jogger pants, tank tops, and dri-fit shirts.


This style puts emphasis on the craftsmanship and will pay however much is necessary to achieve that handpicked perfection. It places a premium on polished looks with extreme attention to detail.

Gothic style means going black all over: hair, lips, shirts, pants, boots, and accessories. It is quite a commitment and exudes a dramatic, mysterious flair. 

Rugged and grunge

This style is practical and typically masculine. It is perfect for manual labor or routine activities that may or may not require you to be ready for some action. Staples for this style include flannel shirts, heavy-duty boots, beanies, ripped denim, tees, and other types of baggy and messy clothing.


Inspired from the Midwest era, the cowboy fashion staples include cowboy boots, rockabilly shirts, buckskin fringed jackets, neckerchiefs, corduroy, shearling, and suede clothing.

Rebel rocker

This style exudes confidence with a hint of defiance. Guys who have this style like to take after their favorite rockers with a certain attitude, so the common denominators usually include band tees, leather jackets, spandex, studs, and skinny  jeans Some makeup may be included to complete the look.


This style is timeless and certainly never going out of style. This precludes investing in exquisite, quality pieces that can be worn in any era. Vintage wear is usually representative of this style.


Being a fashionisto means diving deep into fashion magazines, following the runways, and staying up to date with the current fashion trends. It is a risky fashion style since it can easily become outdated, but his intimate knowledge of the fads will keep him from going out of style.

Hip hop 

Inspired from the music genre, hip hop fashion includes bomber jackets, baseball jerseys, bandannas, jeans, chains, caps, and street-style accessories.

Uniform ala “Steve Jobs”

We all know the man and his iconic signature look: black turtleneck pullovers, classic fit jeans, and New Balance sneakers. He wore the same outfit throughout his successful career and the reason for that is he didn’t want to waste brain power and time having to choose what to wear every day. Men who wear this exude focus, strategy, and desire to send a message that will resonate for ages.


Affluence, conservatism, and class are characteristic traits of preppy style that is inspired from the prep schools of North America. It includes crew neck sweaters, Khakis or straight-leg chinos, polo shirts, button-down oxfords, simple trainers, henley shirts, and sweater vests.


Artsy style is all about making your own statement, being unconventional, and tapping your creativity. You can be nifty with handcrafted and homemade garments or you can invest in exclusive clothing items that scream art: exaggerated prints, bold and bright colors, uniquely tailored tops, and perhaps skirts. 


Your casual style is usually your boy-next-door type of clothing. In this style you are at your most comfortable and expressive self, and your true sense of personal style will show.


Bohemian or boho, its contemporary version, is inspired from the hippie culture in the 60’s. Its characteristically handcrafted and free flowing with bold patterns and creamy colors. Men with this style usually have tousled hair and open-toed sandals.


Geeky style is also a comfortable style and usually includes loose-fitting baggy pants, statement shirts, oversized spectacles, loafers, sweaters, and polos. The clothing items typically reference bizarre parts of pop culture.

Decorate with accessories

Whatever fashion you feel like having for the day, don’t forget to complement it with men’s accessories to dial up your style. Focus on your wrist because an empty wrist is a boring one. Common men’s accessories include wristwatches, bracelets, rings, sunglasses, wallets, hats, belts, ties, pocket squares, and cufflinks.

You could also incorporate some elements from the women’s fashion into your own to spruce up your look like a little makeup, boots with heels, and scarves. 

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